Lorraine Cussen

AdDN Naturopathy
(Member - Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association)

Lorraine graduated as a naturopath in Melbourne from the Australian College of Natural Medicine in 1998. Her initial experience in a multi-disciplinary women’s health clinic was invaluable in developing her post-graduate knowledge into practice. For over 20 years, Lorraine has been supporting patients with a range of health concerns, including gut health (e.g. gastritis, SIBO, IBS, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis), sleep issues, women’s hormones, anxiety, nutritional deficiencies, dietary advice and general health and wellbeing.

Lorraine has a special interest in analysing mainstream pathology, e.g.blood tests, urine tests and functional pathology, to combine the evidence based science diagnostics with the naturopathic approach to health care. Treatments may include dietary advice, herbal medicine, vitamin and mineral supplements or lifestyle advice. The goal of naturopathy is to maintain optimal health using the ingredients nature provides us with.”